Scholarship Committee

Current Members

Arpad Benyi, Mathematics

Shri Mare, Computer Science

David Rider, Chemistry/AMSEC

Wala Saadeh, Engineering and Design

Norda Stephenson, Chemistry


The Scholarship Committee reviews applications and selects recipients for scholarships and awards distributed by the College of Science and Engineering.  The committee advises the Dean. 


  1. In consultation with the Associate Dean, establishes an annual timeline for application and award of summer research awards and academic year scholarships.  
  2. Reviews applications for summer research awards and academic year scholarships. Reviews typically take place in Winter (summer research awards) and Spring (academic year scholarships).  
  3. Ensures that applicants meet all criteria established by the donors for each scholarship and award and that all applications are evaluated fairly. 
  4. Makes recommendations to the Dean on awardees for summer research awards and academic year scholarships. 


  1. The faculty of each department and program in the College selects one member for the committee. The member shall be a tenure-track or tenured faculty member. 
  2. The term of service is two years, with approximately half of the membership selected each year.  No member shall serve more than six consecutive years. 
  3. A majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum for all business of the committee.  The committee determines its own procedures and officers, typically designating a chair at the first meeting. 
  4. As delegated by the Dean, the Associate Dean is an ex-officio non-voting member of the committee.