Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are provided by the college for students within the College of Science and Engineering. Click on the awards below to read more details about application criteria and procedures.

Self-Identified Scholarships

Because these scholarships require information related to family background or familial structure, students are invited to self-nominate.

Alma Clark Glass Scholarship for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  • To support the success of undergraduate students working toward reducing or eliminating anti-Black racism in STEM.

Marion Van Nostrand Scholarship for Single Parents

  • For undergraduate single parents majoring in a STEM field.

Oscar Edwin Olson Scholarship

  • For undergraduate students with financial need who were raised by a single, divorced, or widowed parent.

Department Nominated Scholarships

Arthur and Doreen Parrett Fund

  • For resident of Washington State who have completed at least one year of higher education.

Barbara Ellen Maguire-Veith Family Scholarship

  • For an undergraduate or graduate student who has financial need and is pursuing academic work in research, internships, or summer projects in the behavioral neurosciences, health sciences including pre-medicine, or computer sciences.

CSE Annual Scholarship

  • For an undergraduate student majoring in a CSE program, based on overall academic merit and financial need

Diana Santoro Science Scholarship

  • To provide support for undergraduate students in the College of Science and Engineering; preference will be given to students majoring in Biology or Chemistry.

Mickey and Carole Ghio Science Scholarship

  • For undergraduate or graduate students who are residents of Washington State.

Robert L. Hamilton Family Graduate Scholarship in Science

  • For a graduate student in a STEM program.

STEM Empowerment Scholarship

  • For an undergraduate student majoring in a CSE department or program, or in the Institute for Energy Studies. Where possible, preference will be given to diverse students who demonstrate financial need.

TAG Scholarship

  • For an undergraduate student majoring in computer science or engineering, based on overall academic merit and financial need.

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