CSE Advancement Board

Purpose of the Advancement Board

The purpose of the CSE Advancement Board is to advance the mission of Western Washington University’s College of Science and Engineering (CSE). As advocates for the college, the board will assist in outreach and communication with the goals of building bridges with external partners, elevating the visibility of CSE’s academic and scholarly programs, and connecting the college to resources in order to promote its future success.

Composition of the Board

  • The board is made up of approximately 20-25 alumni and friends who have interest in CSE programs and initiatives, who bring a broad and visionary outlook to the board, and whose interests represent the diverse strategic priorities and scholarly areas of focus of the college. Members shall be individuals who are actively supportive of the college and its departments, programs, and priorities.
  • Board members will be asked to serve a three-year term, with the option to renew for one additional term. The term of appointment shall typically commence on July 1, but may commence at a different time of year, as determined by the dean and board member at the time of appointment.
  • Board leadership will consist of a chair and vice-chair who are appointed for two-year terms.
  • Meetings will take place twice a year (in fall and spring quarters), both at the Western Washington University campus, with an expectation that members attend these meetings.

Mission of the Advancement Board

The Mission of the Board is to support the College of Science and Engineering in three main areas:


  • Serve as an ambassador for the college within one’s spheres of influence.
  • Promote and support the college’s strategic priorities by increasing its visibility as a recognized leader in research and education, and by raising awareness of its contributions to public higher education, K-12 education, the diverse communities of Washington, and the interests of the State.
  • Provide input to the dean and the senior director of development regarding general public perception of the college.


  • Enhance opportunities for applied learning and authentic experiences for students including internships, student/company projects, and job connections.
  • Identify opportunities to build public and private partnerships.
  • Broaden the connections between CSE and community institutions across the State.


  • Identify opportunities and avenues to pursue financial support to meet CSE’s strategic goals around teaching, diversity, student support, and research.
  • Partner with the dean and senior director of development to increase public and private financial support for college programs, students and faculty.
  • Support the college through annual contributions that are personally significant and meaningful, or by taking a leadership role in making a major gift.

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