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CSE Strategic Plan

November 17, 2015


The mission of the College is:

To serve the science and engineering needs of Washington State and the global community by advancing scholarship and educating thoughtful leaders and problem solvers.


The vision of the College is:

To be the premier institution in the region for undergraduate education and for select masters programs in science, math, and engineering.


Six-Year Strategic goals:

A graphic of a circle divided into five parts: Teaching, Diversity, Access, Meeting Needs, and Research. Teaching: Promote teaching practices to educate thoughtful leaders and problem solvers. Incorporate student-centered and inclusive learning practices in the curriculum. Expand practices building interdisciplinary and international awareness and leaderships skills. Promote writing and communication skills throughout the curriculum.  Diversity: Nurture a supportive and inclusive environment and culture. Actively build a college – faculty, staff, and students – that values and is reflective of the diverse communities served by WWU. Promote best practices sustaining and supporting equity, inclusivity, and diversity. Invest in programs that support student success. Access: Balance capacity with student demand to ensure program sustainability and quality. Manage demand through a combination of target program growth and restricted enrollment. Pursue targeted growth of faculty, staff, and space resources. Seek innovative solutions to resource limitations. Meeting Needs: Develop programs meeting the needs of our students and the state. Invest in programs of demonstrated strength and quality. Develop new signature programs. Strengthen interdisciplinary and community linkages. Research: Strengthen the scholarly culture. Invest in infrastructure, faculty, and staff supporting research. Support graduate program quality. Expand opportunities for undergraduate research.

Aligned with those of the University, the mission, vision and strategic goals above provide a framework to guide the College, departments and programs in developing and prioritizing strategic and tactical plans.  Unit plans should align with these goals, and include measurable outcomes and metrics.