CSE Strategic Plan

Created November 17, 2015

The mission of the College is:

To serve the science and engineering needs of Washington State and the global community by advancing scholarship and educating thoughtful leaders and problem solvers.

The vision of the College is:

To be the premier institution in the region for undergraduate education and for select masters programs in science, math, and engineering.

Six-Year Strategic goals:

A graphic of a circle divided into five parts: Teaching, Diversity, Access, Meeting Needs, and Research. Teaching: Promote teaching practices to educate thoughtful leaders and problem solvers. Incorporate student-centered and inclusive learning practices in the curriculum. Expand practices building interdisciplinary and international awareness and leaderships skills. Promote writing and communication skills throughout the curriculum.  Diversity: Nurture a supportive and inclusive environment and culture. Ac


Aligned with those of the University, the mission, vision and strategic goals above provide a framework to guide the College, departments and programs in developing and prioritizing strategic and tactical plans.  Unit plans should align with these goals, and include measurable outcomes and metrics.