Responsibilities for Student Ambassadors


The 8 hr/mo work limit is…limiting. This is intentional to allow for student ambassadors to engage in other activities and focus on academics. All unallocated time can be spent however ambassadors see fit to support the overall goal of the program.

Quarterly expected duties (minimum). Group denotes meetings are expected to happen with all seven student ambassadors, and individual denotes individual meeting are suggested.


Examples of what to discuss and/or purpose

Hours per quarter

Meet with Dean and Associate Dean (Student Advisory Group, this includes AS Senators)

  • Experiences of students within department, specifically: teaching assistants, lab assistants, research assistants, in lab spaces after hours, classroom climate
  • Suggestions for programming: EID training, ISM’s workshops
  • General positive and negative aspects/events

2 - 4

Meet with STEM Inclusion Outreach Specialist

  • Ask questions about resources available to students
  • Offer perspective on student experience and how student ambassadors can connect and collaborate with community ambassadors

1 - 2

Meet with Chair of department

  • Discuss initiatives and student opportunities, especially as they relate to EID
  • Assist with departmental needs such as student representation on faculty search committees, a quarterly meeting with all faculty, etc.

1 - 2

Meet with CSE Community Ambassador

  • Meet with respective departmental CA
  • Discuss student, staff, and faculty experience within department
  • Discuss opportunities for collaboration on initiatives, events, and programs, especially as they relate to EID

2 - 4

Meet with other SA’s and AS Senators, without staff, faculty, or administration

  • Time to collaborate and share ideas without “adults” in the room!
  • Discuss positive and negative aspects of each department
  • Discuss opportunities for collaboration on initiatives, events, and programs, especially as they relate to EID

2 - 4

Write quarterly report

  • 1-page single spaced maximum – describe the quarter, meetings, collaborations, initiatives, challenges, etc.

1 - 2


Total hours per quarter:

9 - 18

What constitutes as work and what doesn’t?

Mission creep: a gradual shift in objectives during the course of a military campaign, often resulting in an unplanned long-term commitment. 

Although you are not currently serving in a military campaign, this same ideology (and problem) can manifest in any sort of activist work. The unfortunate reality is that funding is tight, and hours are limited to 8 hours per month with a firm cap of 10 hours per month. This work has been done in the past by students with no compensation whatsoever. 

It will be up to your discretion when deciding how much to take on. Advocacy work is always encouraged. If your passions pull you to more obligations that cannot be compensated be sure to count these as volunteer hours. If you find yourself working well over what is allocated you should talk with the Associate Dean and Inclusion and Outreach Specialist to discuss what fits into your job description and what doesn’t.

What clearly constitutes “work” as a student ambassador?

  • Initial training meetings
  • Student Advisory Group meeting with Associate Dean and Dean
  • Formal meetings with your chair
  • Formal meetings with fellow ambassadors
  • Formal meetings with Community Ambassadors
  • Formal meetings with CSE Inclusion and Outreach Specialist

What is not considered work as a student ambassador?

  • Any club engagements – whether your own club or attending an event for another club
  • Casual conversations regarding issues, EID, initiatives, etc. with faculty, staff, or administration. Because of the nature of your work this may come up as conversation more frequently, but a 10-minute hallway chat does not constitute as work
  • Conversations between yourself and other ambassadors that are not structured and formal meetings
  • Important: if you decide to endeavor on a project that goes above and beyond the job description, it is likely you cannot be compensated fully for this work. For example, if you agree to Emcee “Mix it Up” or serve on faculty search committees for your department you cannot be compensated for this work.