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The College of Science and Engineering (CSE) is committed to creating a welcoming environment for our students, staff, and faculty. To support diverse students, staff, and faculty, the college is working to build a supportive network of people across the college. The CSE Community Ambassador program is intended to facilitate this by identifying well-trained faculty in each department to help carry out the CSE mission of nurturing a supportive culture. Community Ambassadors (CA) will be assigned to each department. 

The charge of the Community Ambassador program is twofold: to serve as a support network for faculty engaged in DEI work and to serve as a resource for the CSE community. The cohort of CAs works together as a retention and support system for faculty engaged in DEI work. CAs also inform each other of current issues relevant to DEI and discuss educational materials and activities that may help with specific DEI needs within CSE or individual departments. CAs listen to questions, concerns, and/or ideas related to DEI issues from all members of the CSE community: students, staff, and faculty. CAs can help community members get connected to appropriate resources to support their needs, and CAs may be available for consulting/advising of others who do work to implement positive change at WWU. As time and interest allow, CAs support, continue, and create DEI initiatives in their Departments, the College, and/or the University. This may include, but is not limited to, being a contact for student-led events and activities, advising on DEI collaborations, and facilitating discussions on equitable change in their own departments.
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