Mickey and Carole Ghio Science Scholarship

Scholarships shall be awarded to students majoring in the sciences, engineering, technology, computer science, and mathematics or science education programs. Scholarship recipients may be undergraduate or graduate students who are residents of Washington State. Scholarships are to be awarded by the department.


  • 1 @ $4,000 
  • Rotates in alphabetical order through the CSE departments


  • For an undergraduate student or graduate student enrolled in CSE
  • Residents of Washington State


Application guidelines will be updated soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Questions about scholarships? Contact Heather Greenlaw at (360) 650-6400 or by email at shorth@wwu.edu

Past Recipients

Acamaro Cutcher, 2020 - 21

Caleb Stromberg, 2019-20

Kathleen Hoza, 2018-19