Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee

2020 - 21 Members

Lynn Pillitteri, Biology

Mike Larsen, Chemistry           

Moushumi Sharmin, Computer Science           

Sura Alqudah, Engineering & Design     

Liz Schermer, Geology              

Edoh Amiran, Math    

Thanh Le, Physics 

Thanh Le, SMATE 

Amanda Murphy, AMSEC                                                         

At-large Positions                                                              

Jose Serrano-Moreno, Biology

Jill Davishahl, Engineering and Design   

Amy Cully, Chemistry           

Amy Lazzell, Engineering and Design  


The Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) Committee works to promote, and advocates for, equity, inclusion, and diversity in the College of Science and Engineering.  The committee reports to PPBC and advises the Dean.


  1. Assesses the state of CSE with respect to equity, inclusion and diversity and makes findings available in an annual report.
  2. Assists the Dean in planning initiatives related to the EID charge.
  3. Encourages and supports department-level efforts toward equity, inclusion, and diversity.
  4. Coordinates with relevant groups both within and outside of CSE on initiatives related to the EID charge.
  5. Regularly seeks input from all CSE students, staff and both tenured/tenure-track and non-tenure track (NTT) faculty.
  6. Acts as a college-wide resource in support of the strategic goals of CSE related to diversity and inclusion.
  7. Works to identify and coordinate opportunities to seek outside support of initiatives related to the EID charge.


  1. The faculty of each department and program selects one faculty member, tenured or tenure track, for the committee. In addition, up to four at-large members will be recommended by the EID Chair for approval by PPBC. At-large positions may be filled by staff or tenured, tenure-track, or NTT faculty. NTT appointments are contingent on approval by the CSE Dean. Diverse representation, broadly defined, will be prioritized in the selection of at-large members. EID members shall not be departmental chairs or program directors.
  2. The term of service is two years, with approximately half of the membership selected each year. No member shall serve more than six consecutive years. 
  3. A majority of voting members shall constitute a quorum for all business of the committee. The committee determines its own procedures and officers, typically designating a chair at the start of the academic year.
  4. Membership rules may be modified as needed.