Vehicle Research Institute Undergraduate Research Award

The purpose of this fund is to provide up to $7,000 in summer support for an undergraduate student doing research within the College of Science and Engineering.


1 @ $7,000


  • For an undergraduate student majoring in a in CSE program.
  • Based on overall academic merit and financial need.
  • When all other criteria are equal, preference will be given to the student and project that demonstrates the larger risk/challenge with the largest probability of completion or spectacular failure.
  • Recipients will be included in an undergraduate research summer cohort, in which group lunches and discussions will be provided.


Application Materials

  1. 1-2 page statement describing your proposed research, your background, and your future goals. Your application will be reviewed by a committee of faculty in the College of Science and Engineering. They are all scientists but may not know much about your particular field of study. Make sure your essay can be understood by someone without expertise in your field!
  2. Transcripts (unofficial is acceptable)
  3. Letter of recommendation

Apply online.

Deadlines and Procedures

Please see the scholarship resources page for application and award deadlines.

Questions about any of these scholarships? Contact us at (360) 650-6400 or by email at