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Jarvis Memorial Summer Research Award

Jarvis Memorial Summer Research Award

The purpose of the Jarvis Memorial Summer Research Award is to provide a summer stipend for undergraduate students within the College of Science and Engineering.


  • 10 @ $6,000 (2018-19)


  • For an undergraduate student majoring in a CSE program
  • Based on overall merit
  • Research must be supervised by an appropriate faculty mentor
  • Each department and program may nominate more than one student


Application guidelines will be updated soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Questions about scholarships? Contact Heather Greenlaw at (360) 650-6400 or by email at

Past Recipients: 

Muawiz Chaudhary, 2019-20

Tara Chin, 2019-20

Carter Dojan, 2019-20

Rachael Gitnes, 2019-20

Leah Lackey, 2019-20

Colin Marquis, 2019-20

Jess Mollerup, 2019-20

Wyatt Parks, 2019-20

Gaea Turman, 2019-20

Tyler Yada, 2019-20