Arlan Norman Award for Excellence in Student Mentoring

Arlan Norman Award for Excellence in Student Mentoring

The Arlan Norman Award for Excellence recognizes a faculty member in the College of Science and Engineering for excellence in mentoring student research. The financial award goes to the student(s) of the faculty member’s the form of a stipend plus additional funds for supplies to support the student recipient’s summer research.

The award will be given for excellence shown by a faculty member in either graduate or undergraduate student mentoring, although preference will be given to graduate student mentoring. The faculty awardee will have a demonstrated record of mentoring student research as evidenced by student co-authored conference presentations, student co-authored peer reviewed publications in high quality journals and proceedings, and other evidence of student success such as research awards, fellowships, etc. The faculty awardee will select a student from their research group (preferably a graduate student) to receive the funds for research associated with this award based upon a demonstrated merit and outstanding promise in research.

Nominations will be made by the Department Chairs or Program Directors each winter/spring with the award made preferably during Scholars Week. Awardee selection will be in accordance with an approved process by the Dean of the College of Science and Engineering and the Dean of the Graduate School.

The Fund’s distribution may be used to pay any costs related to educational expenses, including, but not limited to, tuition, books, materials/supplies, summer research support or conference presentation attendance and travel, etc. The expenditures will be the responsibility of Western Washington University, acting through the designee of the President of the University.


  • 1 @ $? (2018-19)


  • Each department and program may nominate one faculty member


Application guidelines will be updated soon. Thank you for your patience. 

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