Humanizing STEM Series Nominations

We aim to feature the scientists behind the science, the mathematicians behind the theorems, and the engineers behind the engine. Scientists as humans – who we are, our journeys, the experiences that influenced our paths – are often hidden, eclipsed by the science we have uncovered. How do our personal identities (ex. race, gender, disability, neurodiversity, socioeconomic status) intersect with our science career journeys and sense of belonging? To help make the hidden apparent, we seek panelists and speakers to share their stories with our STEM community.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone who is affiliated with Western can be nominated, as long as their professional identity overlaps with STEM in some way. For example, we welcome nominations of science fiction authors, environmental engineers, anthropologists, neurobiologists, chemists, and so on!

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How is the nominee affiliated with Western?