Ambassador Program

There is a critical need to improve communication within the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) between students, staff, faculty, and the administration.

The College of Science and Engineering has two ambassador programs to help facilitate this need and ensure an inclusive and equitable space for all. Please find more information on each program below below.

Student Ambassadors

A College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Student Ambassadors acts as a liaison between students and their faculty, and the Dean of CSE. CSE SA’s seek to engage in issues around advocacy, equity, and diversity in STEM. They will meet regularly with the chair of their department, the Dean of CSE, and engage with students on topics around equity and experiences in STEM.

Current Student Ambassadors

Faculty Ambassadors

The Community Ambassador (CA) position is for one-year with the possibility of re-appointment. To build a larger network of support for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) work, each CA will meet monthly with the STEM Inclusion and Outreach Specialist (IOS) and quarterly with the cohort of other CAs. 

Current Faculty Ambassadors