College of Science & Engineering


Kate Blizzard Kate Blizzard Admin Services Manager B (360) 650-6515
Hye In Park Hye In Park Program Coordinator (360) 650-6516
Ben Paulson Ben Paulson Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 (360) 650-3585

Dr. Colin Amos Colin Amos Associate Professor (360) 650-3587
Jackie Caplan-Auerbach Jackie Caplan-Auerbach Associate Dean / Professor (360) 650-4153
Dr. Doug Clark Doug Clark Associate Professor (360) 650-7939
Dr. Robyn Dahl Robyn Dahl Assistant Professor (360) 650-7207
Susan DeBari Susan DeBari Professor (360) 650-3588
Dr. Brady Foreman Brady Foreman Assistant Professor (360) 650-2546
Dr. Bernard (Bernie) Housen Bernard (Bernie) Housen Professor and Chair, Geology (360) 650-6573
Dr. Scott Linneman Scott Linneman Professor (360) 650-3446
A man smiling at the camera wearing glasses Robert Mitchell Professor (360) 650-3591
Sean smiling for the camera with islands and the sea in the background Sean Mulcahy Assistant Professor (360) 650-3645
Dr. Allison Pfeiffer Allison Pfeiffer Assistant Professor (360) 650-3654
Dr. Camilo Ponton Camilo Ponton Assistant Professor (360) 650-3648
Melissa Rice Associate Professor (360) 650-3592
Dr. Liz Schermer Liz Schermer Professor (360) 650-3658
Paul Thomas Paul Thomas Senior Instructor (360) 650-7796

Dr. Russ Burmester Russ Burmester Research Associate (360) 650-3654
Sean Crosby - Research Associate Sean Crosby Research Associate (360) 650-3581
Cristina García Lasanta Cristina Garcia Lasanta Pmag Mgr - Research Scientist (360) 650-3835
Dr. Eric Grossman Eric Grossman Research Associate/U.S. Geological Survey (360) 650-3582
George Mustoe George Mustoe Research Associate (360) 650-3582
An illustration of a person on a gray background Ryan Niemeyer Research Associate (360) 650-7984
An illustration of a person on a gray background John Oldow Research Associate (360) 650-3582
Dr. Brian Rusk Brian Rusk Research Associate (360) 650-3597
Mai by pillow basalts in Bethell's Beach, New Zealand Mai Sas Geochemistry Research Associate (360) 650-7363
Dr. Pete Stelling Pete Stelling Research Associate
David Tucker David Tucker Research Associate (360) 650-3582

Dr. Randall "Scott" Babcock Randall "Scott" Babcock Professor Emeritus (360) 650-3597
Dr. Myrl Beck Myrl Beck Professor Emeritus (360) 650-3597
Dr. Ned Brown Ned Brown Professor Emeritus (360) 650-3645
Dr. Don Easterbrook Don Easterbrook Professor Emeritus (360) 650-3583
Dr. David Engebretson David Engebretson Professor Emeritus
Thor Hansen Thor Hansen Professor Emeritus
Dr. James Talbot James Talbot Professor Emeritus