Field Course Information

WWU Geology Field Camp

Currently only WWU students are able to apply for field camp spring/summer quarters. Spring field camp accepts 20 applicants and Summer field camp accepts 30 applicants.

Prerequisites: Physical Geology (211 or 101 & 211A), Earth History (212), Structural Geology (318), Petrology (406), Stratigraphy & Sedimentation (415). (Note that although a field methods course is not required, basic knowledge such as use of a Brunton compass, pacing, topographic maps, etc. is expected.)

Cost Spring Quarter: Tuition is approximately $2522  + Course Fees (Course Fees ($900, for transportation/camping costs) = $3422 estimated. Out of state students would pay a higher tuition. (Food not included) Roughly food costs can be $15-20 per day depending on your group and kinds of food you plan on consuming.

Cost Summer Quarter: Tuition (about $250/ credit x 12 credits = about $3000 plus $198 for out of state students) + WWU Fees (about $124) + Course Fees ($900, for transportation/camping costs) = about $3900. (Food not included). Roughly food costs can be $15-20 per day depending on your group and kinds of food you plan on consuming. 

There are some scholarships that are specific to assisting students with field camp costs. Please check them out if you need financial assistance for field camp or a field study course.

  • Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) - Beardsley-Kuper Field Camp Scholarship Fund, deadline is February of each year. 
  • NAGT scholarship for field study for all students. Application deadline February of each year.
  • NAGT & AWG - Crawford Field Camp Scholarship (specifically for women studying in the geosciences). Application deadline February of each year.
  • GSA/ExxonMobil Field Camp Scholar Award summer field camp assistance
  • The Geology Department provides a small scholarship to help defray field camp costs. This scholarship is for to use for any field course, and you can receive it once in your lifetime.  It is based on merit and need.  Write a short paragraph explaining why (academically and personally) you deserve this scholarship. Deadlines will be announced at pre-trip meetings.


Other Field Camp Opportunities: Please note if you decide to attend a field camp from another institution or institute you must clear it through the Department Chair.

WWU Geology Field Camp Instructors:
Spring Quarter - Dr. Liz Schermer (away on sabbatical AY 19-20), Dr. Colin Amos, Dr. Sean Mulcahy
Summer Quarter - Dr. Bernie Housen, Dr. Pete Stelling, Dr. Doug Clark, Dr. Brady Foreman
Accommodations: 100% tent camping. Groups of 3-5 will be formed for cooking purposes. Campground costs will be paid out of fees, together with transportation costs and other group expenses. Food costs are borne by each student. You must provide your own camping/cooking gear, although often students "buddy up" in small tent groups to save money.

Conditions / Preparedness: This is a rigorous field mapping course; you must be in good physical condition to participate. Although no technical skills are necessary, some field locations require hiking on steep terrain at high elevation (up to 11,000 feet). Others may require working in hot, dry conditions (occasional daytime temperatures can reach 105 degrees F; average temperatures 70-95 degrees F). Snow conditions are not unusual during spring field camp.

Spring Locations: Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah (Subject to change depending on instructor)

Summer Locations: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon (Subject to change depending on instructor)