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Undergraduate Major Degree Summary - Please note in the upper right hand corner below the catalog search box you will see several icons - if you click on the icon that looks like a folded piece of paper a hard-copy degree summary will appear that you can print off for all of the offered majors.

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Course Planner

If you are a current major the Course Planner is an electronic tool to assist you and your Faculty advisor in planning out your course load for the next several years. You should meet with your Faculty Advisor at least once a year to go over your course of plan for the next year and get advice on your elective courses. Please remember the CURRENT ACADEMIC YEAR is the only correct year in the course planner. The academic years following the current year are incorrect and should NEVER be counted on as true. Please use this as a tool to help map out your next several years but do not count on a course being taught that specific quarter. There are many game changers in schedule planning which may include faculty sabbaticals, research release, extended leaves etc. You can also access a hard copy printable version by clicking on any of the above majors or minor and clicking on the folded paper icon at the top right of the page.

Waitlist Policy

The Department of Geology reserves the right to manage its waitlists such that time to graduation may be minimized for Geology or Geophysics majors.

Registration Policies - holds, time conflicts, override clearance, registration restrictions, registration priority

University Academic Policies - prerequisites, waitlisting, class attendance, hardship withdrawl, etc.

University Policies and Procedures -  central location for policies that affect the University community