The Geology Department at WWU is committed to excellence in both teaching and research.  Our goal is to offer the highest possible quality education in the geological sciences at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The mission of our department is to serve three main populations: graduate students, undergraduate geology majors, and undergraduates from other departments for their general education courses. For all of these students we strive to create excitement about discovery and the process of geologic inquiry.  We want to develop in all students an appreciation of how geological processes affect the earth and society so that they will be environmentally responsible, scientifically literate citizens.  We strive to produce majors with an interdisciplinary content background in geology and the physical sciences who are competent in the field, who can work collaboratively, conduct original research, and effectively communicate their results.

Geology Students at Work and Play

  • 2017 Summer Graduates
    2017 Summer Graduates
  • 2016 Boulder Glacier Slide
    2016 Boulder Glacier Slide
  • CPX Crystal SEM - Student Thin Section
    CPX Crystal SEM - Student Thin Section
  • Fidalgo Ophiolite Field Trip
    Fidalgo Ophiolite Field Trip
  • Western Experimental Earth Surfaces Lab - Grace Sutherland Braided River Experiment
    Western Experimental Earth Surfaces Lab - Grace Sutherland Braided River Experiment
  • Lummi Quarry Testing
    Lummi Quarry Testing
  • Colorado National Monument Sandstones
  • Spring 2017 Celebration Undergrad Graduates
    Spring 2017 Celebration Undergrad Graduates
  • Chuckanut coast field trip
  • Spring 2017 Grad Students. End of Year Celebration!


Date Location Speaker Title
Oct 27 12:00pm
CF - 115 Dr. Robert Mitchell, Professor Bob Mitchell Brown Bag.pdf Geologist Licensing in Washington State
Oct 31 4:00pm
CF - 115 Dr. Brady Foreman, Assistant Professor Signal and Noise in Paleoclimate Records
Nov 03 12:00pm
CF - 115 Dr. Sean Mulcahy, Early Onset of Franciscan Subduction
Nov 07 4:00pm
CF - 115 John Oldow, Research Associate Structure and Kinematics of Miocene to Contemporary Displacment Transfer Between the Eastern California Shear Zone and Walker Lane, Western Great Basin
Nov 14 4:00pm
CF - 115 Sheila Kluck Working in Mining and Engineering Geology
Nov 17 12:00pm
CF - 115 Mike Hutchinson, LG, LHG (developing functional ability and the application of the creative process in solving client problems) Mike Hutchinson GeoEngineers, Inc. - Title TBA
Nov 28 4:00pm
CF - 115 Topic - TBA WIG - Women in Geology
Dec 01 12:00pm
CF - 115 Various Speakers/Poster Presentations  Practice AGU talks brown bag.pdf Practice AGU Talks/Posters
Dec 31 8:00am
Speaker Series and Brown Bag Talks will resume Winter Quarter Happy Holidays - See you next quarter!