College of Science & Engineering

Western Chemistry Club Events

Chem Club Meetings & Activities


Tuesdays 5:30-6:00PM
Chemistry Student Library, CB 200


Below is the tentative schedule for the upcoming academic year. Volunteers are needed for every event. If you have a talent or an interest to help, please come to a Chem Club or contact a Chem Club officer or advisor. Everyone is welcome!

  • Annual Chem Club Kick-Off.  This annual event is scheduled at the beginning of the fall quarter.  ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME to come learn about the club and its activities.  Students can join the American Chemical Society and enjoy a slice of pizza and some LN2 ice cream at this event.
  • Weekly Seminars.  The Chemistry Department hosts weekly seminars featuring noted scientists in fields such as chemistry, biochemistry, material science, and chemical physics. Seminars are typically held on Fridays at 3:15 pm in SL 110. Before each seminar, there is a reception held in the chemistry office (CB 270) at which refreshments are served. STUDENTS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND BOTH THE RECEPTIONS AND SEMINARS.
  • Chemistry Department Open House.  This event takes place in late October or early November.  Students, faculty, and staff have a lot of fun giving building tours and performing chemical demonstrations.  The Chem Club also raises money by selling yummy liquid nitrogen ice-cream.
  • Costume-Themed Bowling.  These crazy social events are fast becoming a Chem Club Tradition at Western.   Past themes include:  I Love the 80's, Sports Night, Hawaiian Night, & Ugly Sweater Night.  Your suggestions are welcome!
  • Intramural Sports Teams.  The Chem Club has a tradition of assembly intramural sports teams.  Softball and soccer teams have been the most popular, but the club has also fielded basketball, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee teams when there is enough interest.  Some past team names include the Infrared Sox, Babe Rutheniums, and the Chemikazes.  All students are welcome and encouraged to participate. 
  • What, When, Where, and How of Graduate School.  Each fall Prof. James Vyvyan hosts an informational panel discussion about the "ins and outs" of graduate school.  Learn about the application process and what to expect when you arrive on campus at this event.  All students are encouraged to attend regardless of class level.  For a web-based summary of the discussion follow this link on Applying, Selecting, & Attending Graduate School.
  • Chemistry for Kids during National Chemistry Week.  Each year the Chem Club hosts a local elementary school class for a day of experiments, demonstrations, and fun.  Students and faculty lead small groups of students through a series of activities.  Everyone has a good time.
  • Canned Food Drive.  The Chem Club supports the Bellingham Food Bank.  Hunger is a global issue and the Chem Club tries to assist the local hunger fighting efforts while raising the awareness of hunger.  In 2008, the club initiated a canstruction contest to raise the profile of the food drive.
  • Exploring Undergraduate Research Opportunities.  Undergraduate research is a highlight of the chemistry program at Western Washington University.  This interactive panel discussion provides students with information on how to get involved in research at Western and at outside programs.  Freshmen and sophomores are particularly encouraged to attend.
  • Happy Valley Science Fair.  Chem Club members love going back to Happy Valley Elementary and helping with their annual science fair.  This event typically takes place in February.
  • Science Badge for Girl Scouts.  Help a girl earn her science badge and perhaps you will get some free cookies!  Even if you don't, this is a fun event at which students help local girl scouts learn about science and chemistry.
  • Wizards @ Western.  This is a wild and crazy demonstration show that is also sponsored by the College of Science and Engineering.  Students and faculty work together to put on this dramatic chemistry demonstration show.
  • Department Picnic.  The Department Picnic has a long tradition and it is organized and funded by the Chem Club.  Students assemble at the end of the spring quarter each year at Fairhaven Park to see who will be Ring Master and to watch the Faculty All-Stars dominate the Student Team in basketball.
  • Commencement Reception.  In June, the underclassmen host the Commencement Reception for the outgoing seniors and their families.  This is a great time to take photos and to watch the Year in Pictures slideshow.
  • You, Me, & the GRE.  Summertime is for research and for the in-coming seniors it is time to brush up on your chemistry in preparation for the GRE subject exam.  This summer program helps students create GRE study groups.
  • Summer Trip for Mariners Baseball.  Every summer we schedule a trip to Safeco Field to the Seattle Mariners play.  Hopefully the Mariners will win.
  • Lake Ann Pilgrimage.  Every August, Prof. Steven Emory has traditionally lead a group of students on a hike to Lake Ann.  On the way back, everyone stops at the North Fork Brewery for some pizza and refreshments.