Advanced Materials Science & Engineering


AMSEC's mission is to educate students in materials science, support interdisciplinary research, and enhance regional industry competitiveness and innovation. AMSEC brings together faculty and students from Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and synergistic solutions to complex, multifaceted problems involving materials.


AMSEC's materials science minor degree consists of interdisciplinary materials science courses as well as a capstone research opportunity. Students who complete the minor go onto careers in aerospace, biotechnology, microelectronics, nanotechnology, clean energy, defense, and transportation.


   AMSEC   Photos: 1) Patrick Group: Ryan Sumner with luminescent solar concentrators; 2) Murphy Group: Silk film with a conducting polymer pattern; 3) AMSEC faculty and students; 4) MSCI 410: Materials Characterization class experimental lab in 3-D printing.


WWU students develop ‘smart’ solar window

August 19, 2015  -- Whatcom Magazine

A team of eight students — seven from Western Washington University and one from the University of Washington — are at the helm of a project that could revolutionize the future of windows.

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