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***ATTENTION!! CHEM 121/122/123 will become CHEM 161/162/163 beginning Fall 2018!!***

  • This will not effect any courses already completed at WWU.  
    • If you have completed any portion of General Chemistry as CHEM 121 or CHEM 122, you will be able to continue in CHEM 162 or CHEM 163.
    • If you have satisfied the prerequisites to enroll in CHEM 121, you will still be able to register for CHEM 161.
  • This will not effect your prerequisites for future courses at WWU.  
    • If you have satisfied your course prerequisite with CHEM 121, CHEM 122 or CHEM 123 and the course now requires CHEM 161, CHEM 162 or CHEM 163; you have still satisfied your course prerequisite.
  • This does not change current or previous equivalencies within WA state.
    • CHEM&121 at WA state community colleges is still not equivalent to CHEM 121 at WWU. 
    • CHEM&121 at WA state community colleges is not equivalent to CHEM 161 at WWU.

Graduate and Undergraduate Programs in Chemistry at Western Washington University

Undergrads and Grad studying in Chemistry Building

The chemistry program at Western Washington University is consistently among the top 25 largest producers of ACS approved BS degrees the nation. The undergraduate program offers B.S. and B.A. degrees in chemistry and the B.S. degree in biochemistry. Our Masters in Chemistry graduate program emphasizes professional development and personal growth through hands-on scientific investigation with close mentoring by a faculty advisor.  Graduates have gone on to careers in medicine, areospace, microelectronics, biotechnology, community college teaching, the energy sector and many other fields.

Opportunities beyond classroom study are a cornerstone of both programs. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to pursue faculty mentored research projects and to present the results of their research at a national conference or during WWU’s annual Scholars Week. Many Undergraduate and graduate students coauthor papers published in the scientific literature.