Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education


SMATE is a national model for the preparation and support of K-12 teachers.

Our dedicated faculty from the disciplines of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Elementary and Secondary Education use the latest resources and research on teaching and learning to develop innovative curriculum, courses and K-16 partnerships.

Our mission is to be a national model of effective recruiting and preparation of the highest quality future elementary and secondary mathematics and science teachers. We will participate in research and dissemination of new knowledge in mathematics and science education reform to the university and K-12 communities, and serve as a valuable resource to the university and broader community to improve mathematics and science teaching and learning.

  • SMATE Resource center entrance
    Slesnick Center Entrance
  • View of student work sapce at SMATE
    Great study environment. Photo by Penelope Kipps
  • A studnet studying i front of the FOss kits available as a student resource
    Study space and resouces. Photo by Penelope Kipps
  • view of some of the group resource space available for student use at SMATE
    A wealth of options. Photo by Penelope Kipps
  • Eagle and swan displays
    Fascinating displays. Photo by Penelope Kipps
  • students working in groups in the SMATE LRC
    Space for group work. Photo by Penelope Kipps
  • Books for check-out with hawk displayed above
    Teaching Resources.
  • items on shelves int eh stockroom available for check-out
    Stockroom full of Resources
  • conference table available for student use and magazines.
    Conference table available for use. Photo by Penelope Kipps
  • Hawk display with LRC in the backdrop.
    Great resources and inviting environment. Photo by Penelope Kipps