College of Science & Engineering

Majors and Minors

The Math Department offers majors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Elementary or Secondary Math Education, as well as several combined majors. See below for complete degree information. If you are considering a math major, you can make an appointment with a mathematics faculty adviser at any time to ask questions and explore various options. We encourage you to do so as soon as possible in order to establish a plan of study. To find an appropriate adviser for your desired program, go to the Faculty Directory and select an advisor emphasis.

Course Requirements for Majors

B.A. Mathematics

B.S. Mathematics

B.S. Applied Mathematics

B.S. Statistics

B.A.E. Elementary Mathematics Education

B.A.E. Secondary Mathematics Education

B.S. Biology/Mathematics

B.A.E. Chemistry/Mathematics (Secondary Education)

B.S. Mathematics/Computer Science

B.A. Economics/Mathematics

B.A.E. Physics/Mathematics (Secondary Education)


The Math Department offers minors in Mathematics and Secondary Math Education. Students planning to take Woodring’s MIT program in order to be credentialed as a secondary math teacher should consider doing the minor in secondary math education rather than the math minor.

Course Requirements for Minors

Mathematics Minor

Mathematics-Secondary Education Minor

Statistics Minor