College of Science & Engineering

Transfer Students

Welcome to Western and thank you for your interest in the Biology Department! The information below provides you with some helpful information and tips for success as you prepare to transfer to Western and pursue a major in biology.

Contact the Department

As soon as you are admitted to Western, we recommend that you contact the Department and speak to one of our Program Coordinators to review transfer equivalencies, determine your Phase I or Phase II status, and declare your major. Taking these steps BEFORE your registration period will help insure that you have access to the courses you need for your major.

Maren Brinson and Alexis Donnelly or (360) 650-6165 

Review Major Declaration Process and Admission Requirements

Visit this page for more information.

Determine Transfer Equivalencies

As you prepare to transfer, it is important to understand the transfer equivalencies between your current institution and Western. If you are transferring from a Washington State community college or university, we recommend that you review the Transfer Equivalency Guide (TEG) Please pay close attention to biology courses that require completion of the entire series for equivalency. If you have questions or concerns about transfer equivalency, you should contact the Biology Department directly. 

If you are transferring from out of WA State, or your transfer school is not listed on the TEG, you must contact the Biology Department to determine any equivalencies on a case by case basis. If further review is needed, you will be asked to complete a Transfer Equivalency Request Form so that the Department may review the course(s) and determine if an equivalent course exists at Western. 

Please be aware that even though prior grades from transfer institutions are not factored into your cumulative WWU GPA, any courses that are deemed equivalent by the department as BIOL 204, 205, & 206 or CHEM 161, 162, & 163 will be used to calculate your GPA for Phase II advancement.

Transfer Equivalency Request Form

Before you submit a Transfer Equivalency Request Form, please contact the Department to verify that a direct equivalency does not already exist. Occassionally, errors are made during the transfer credit articulation process and can be resolved easily. If no equivalencies exist, we will ask you to complete and submit Biology Transfer Equivalency Request eForm that is available via our Forms tab.  Instructions for how to complete this form are stated within the form itself. Please read the directions carefully and make sure that you attach all required materials. 

Prepare for Registration

In addition to the suggestions above, it is recommended that you carefully review the Registration Information Handout provided by the department as enrollment in most upper division biology courses are restricted to students working towards specific degree programs. This document clearly outlines the prerequisites and major restrictions for each biology course offered during the current quarter.