College of Science & Engineering


Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez

(360) 650-3653

Office Hours: Spring 2019: M 12:30-13:00; T 12:00-12:30; W 11:30-12:00 h, and by appointment Biology 309
Alejandro poses in front of wooden wall
Role of marine mammals in their environment and their interactions with humans

Roger Anderson

(360) 650-3992

Office Hours: BI 311
brown lizard with white and turquoise scales rests on gray rock

Shawn Arellano

Assistant Professor
(360) 650-3634

Office Hours: Summer 2019- At Shannon Point Marine Center Biology 137 and SPMC 143
Faculty member standing in a classroom with photographs on the wall

Elizabeth Binney

Senior Instructor

Office Hours: By appointment BI 231
close up of sedge
Ecology, general biology, plant biology, biostatistics.

Marion Brodhagen

Associate Professor
(360) 650-2920

Office Hours: Spring 2019: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 1-1:50 pm CB 282
Marion Brodhagen poses in front of Columbia River Gorge
1) Secondary metabolites; 2) biodegradable plastics

Lionel Brooks


Office Hours: BI 236
An illustration of a person on a gray background

Georgianne Connell

Senior Instructor
(360) 650-6796

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30-11:30pm and by appointment BIO 338
close up of Georgianne Connell, woman with brown hair and glasses
Biology education

Lina Dahlberg

Assistant Professor
(360) 650-4671

Office Hours: M 1-1 pm, T 12-1 pm, R 11am-12pm BI 306
profile of Lina Dahlberg, blurred wall with windows in background
Protein stability, turnover, and trafficking in neurons.

Eric DeChaine

(360) 650-6575

Office Hours: Biology 237
Eric Dechaine smiles for camera

Deborah Donovan

(360) 650-7251

Office Hours: Mon 3-4, Wed 10-12, by appt. BI 310
Deborah Donovan smiles for camera, blurred trees in background
Physiological ecology of marine invertebrates; Biology education

Nick Galati

Assistant professor
(360) 650-2869

Office Hours: Mon. 10-11 AM, Thurs 4-5 PM, other times by appointment BI 331

David Hooper

(360) 650-3649

Office Hours: BI 307
Ecosystem ecology, biodiversity effects on carbon and nitrogen cycles, plant

Robin Kodner

Associate Professor
(360) 650-7467

Office Hours: BI 412
Robin Kodner smiles, Bellingham Bay blurred in background

Janice Lapsansky

Senior Instructor
(360) 650-7337

Office Hours: Please reserve a time to meet on the sign-up sheet posted on my door. BI 305
Janice Lapsansky smiles in front of plants
STEM education. Pre-hospital medical research and quality assurance.

David Leaf

(360) 650-3632

Office Hours: MWF 2:30-4:00 pm BI 147
Faculty member smiling while standing outside with a mountain in the background

Suzanne Lee

Assistant Professor
(360) 650-6795

Office Hours: Biology 413
close up of Suzanne Lee with trees and plants in background
Control of eukaryotic gene expression; RNA biology and biochemistry

Benjamin Miner

(360) 650-3640

Office Hours: Wed 1-2 PM Biology 410
candid shot of Ben Miner kneeling while looking at someone
Evolutionary ecologist interested in phenotypic plasticity of marine organisms

Adam Moles

(360) 650-7464

Office Hours: T, TH 11:30-5:00 BI 231 (spring only)
close up of Adam Moles smiling, white wall behind him

Craig Moyer

(360) 650-7935

Office Hours: By appointment BI 406
Craig Moyer while working at sea using ROV Jason
Marine Microbial Ecology and Geomicrobiology

Brady Olson

Assistant Professor
(360) 650-7478

Office Hours: M and Friday 12:00-1:00PM, by appointment BI 366

Merrill Peterson

Professor and Chair
(360) 650-3636

Office Hours: Mon. 9:30-10:30am, Wed. 2:30-3:30pm, and by appointment BI 314 (inside of Biology Dept office)
Entomology; Ecology; Evolutionary Biology; Biodiversity Informatics

Lynn Pillitteri

Associate Professor
(360) 650-6599

Office Hours: BI 407
Lynn Pillitteri smiles while standing in front of plants
Plant molecular biology and development.

Dan Pollard

Assistant Professor
(360) 650-2152

Office Hours: WI19: M 10-11am, Th 2-3pm, F 2-3pm BI 414
Evolutionary genetics of protein expression in budding yeasts

Ralph Riley

(360) 650-2844

Office Hours: BI 263
An illustration of a person on a gray background

Sandra Schulze

Associate Professor
(360) 650-7267

Office Hours: By Appointment BI409
Sandra Schulze poses in front of bookshelf
Molecular biology and genetics using Drosophila as a model

Dietmar Schwarz

Associate Professor
(360) 650-3641

Office Hours: BI 411
Dietmar Schwarz in plaid shirt with mountains in background
Evolutionary Biology,Evolutionary Ecology, Molecular Ecology

Carrie Schwarz

Senior Instructor
(360) 650-4523

Office Hours: Tuesday 11 am - 1 pm, Friday 1 pm - 2 pm and by appointment BI 157
An illustration of a person on a gray background

Jose Serrano-Moreno

Senior Instructor
(360) 650-3633

Office Hours: Spring 2019:: Tuesday 3-5 PM and Thursday 12-2 PM ( TENTATIVE) BI161
Jose Serrano-Moreno smiles while standing in front of scribbled whiteboard
Biology Education; Student Advising; Structure and Function of Ion Channels

Myron Shekelle

(360) 650-7464

Office Hours: M-T-W: 10-11, or by appointment BI 263

Anu Singh-Cundy

Associate Professor
(360) 650-7473

Office Hours: M 3:00 to 4:00 pm; TR 1:30 to 2:30 pm BI 308
Anu Singh-Cundy

Dan van Hees

(360) 650-7400

Office Hours: Tuesday 10-12:30 BI 231

Adrienne Wang

Assistant Professor
(360) 650-7484

Office Hours: Mon 2-3:30, Fri 9:30-11 BI312
black and white headshot of Adrenne Wang

Kate Yamamoto

(360) 650-7464

Office Hours: T Th 11-1PM BI 231

Jeff Young

(360) 650-3638

Office Hours: Winter 2019. M&T: 11-11:50, W: 12-12:50 and by appointment CB 283
close up of Dr. Jeff Young with illustrated poster of "rhodophyceae" in background
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

Matthew Zinkgraf

Assistant Professor
(360) 650-4885

Office Hours: S19: M 3-4pm; T 2-4pm; Th 10-11am BI 408
close up of Matthew Zinkgraf with trees in background