College of Science & Engineering

Biology Minor

Biology is the study of living organisms. As scientists, biologists have three prime motivations: (1) intellectual curiosity about biological systems, (2) the philosophy that creating and disseminating reliable knowledge has intrinsic worth, and (3) the confidence that research into the history of life on earth and how biological systems work can be used to solve problems faced by our society today. Thus, we intend for our intensive academic program to stimulate our student’s curiosity and appetite for life-long learning about biology.

Requirements - Biology Minor

❑  BIOL 204 - Introduction to Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity Credits: 5 GUR: LSCI

❑  BIOL 205 - Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology Credits: 5 GUR: LSCI

❑  BIOL 206 - Introduction to Organismal Biology Credits: 5 GUR: LSCI

❑ Choose one of the following series:

       CHEM 161 - General Chemistry I Credits: 5 GUR: LSCI

       CHEM 162 - General Chemistry II Credits: 5 GUR: LSCI

       CHEM 163 - General Chemistry III Credits: 5 GUR: LSCI


      CHEM 175 - General Chemistry I, Honors Credits: 5 GUR: LSCI

      CHEM 176 - General Chemistry II, Honors Credits: 5 GUR: LSCI

      CHEM 225 - General Chemistry III, Honors Credits: 5 GUR: LSCI

❑ 14 credits of upper-level courses

Any upper-level biology course, with the exception of BIOL 348, 349, 395, 444, 494, 495, 496 or 498, can be used to fulfill this requirement.

  • Up to 6 upper-division credits may overlap and be applied to both the biology minor and the student’s major degree requirements.

Note: BIOL 245 and BIOL 348 may not be counted toward this minor.