College of Science & Engineering


Undergraduate Advising

You should seek advising prior to course registration, to discuss internships or research opportunities, explore career pathways, or to have your progress in the degree program evaluated. It is recommended that students meet with their faculty advisor at least once per academic year to insure academic success and timely completion of their degree program. 

Prospective Students

Prospective students or those who have not yet declared should contact one of the department Program Coordinators via email for advising. When requesting an appointment, please include: (1) your name and W#, (2) area of interest (i.e, marine biology), and (3) a list of days and times you are available over the next week. Individual advising appointments will not be made during the first two weeks of registration, however, students are welcome to seek assistance on a drop-in basis during regular office hours.
Maren Brinson or Alexis Donnelly
Phone: 360.650.6165

Phase I General Advising Sessions

Each quarter, the department hosts a general advising session for declared Phase I majors or students who have indicated an interest in biology. This session is typically scheduled one to two weeks before registration and is facilitated by the Biology Department Chair, Dr. Merrill Peterson. Topics discussed during this session are targeted towards students who are transitioning into Phase II of the major and plan to enroll in upper division courses for their major. Biology Phase I majors and those who have indicated an interest in biology on their university application will be notified directly via email. For more information, students should contact the Department Office.