Women in Science Scholarship

Women in Science Scholarship

Female who has declared her major in a hard science and is enrolled in a hard science course. Hard science is defined as “Biology, chemistry, physics, and geology.”


  • 2 @ $1,500 (20119-20)


  • Undergraduate student
  • For female students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Geology
  • Based on overall academic merit
  • Each department may nominate one student


Application guidelines will be updated soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Questions about scholarships? Contact Heather Greenlaw at (360) 650-6400 or by email at shorth@wwu.edu

Past Recipients: 

Mackenzie Jewell, 2018-19

Kerry Roberts-Nygren, 2018-19

Valerie Brogden, 2009-10

Mai Nakadachi, 2009-10

Jennifer Novotney, 2009-10

Anna Asmundson, 2007-08

Jessica Farrer, 2007-08

Melissa Park, 2007-08

Jennifer Angelosante, 2006-07

Laura Hutchinson, 2006-07

Leah Knapton, 2005-06

Sarah Myhre, 2005-06

Sandlin Preecs, 2005-06

Kristine Alexander, 2004-05

Gretchen Oldham, 2004-05

Jessica Telleria, 2004-05