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Mission Statement

Our tagline is “exploring stories of human curiosity”. We want to make science more accessible and less intimidating. This is done by sharing narratives that include scientists’ backgrounds, humor, work, and struggles. We strive to humanize the “scientist” so that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) can become relatable and welcoming.

Spark Science host Regina Barber DeGraaff behind the mic on set

Host & Executive Producer: Dr. Regina Barber DeGraaff (she/her/hers)

Regina’s childhood was divided between living in Lynden, WA and several summers in California. She attended Western Washington University (WWU) for her undergraduate education and completed her PhD in Physics in 2011 from Washington State University (WSU) with a focus in Astrophysics, studying globular cluster systems.

Dr. Regina Barber DeGraaff currently teaches physics, astronomy and science communication at WWU where she is also the STEM Inclusion and Outreach Specialist and strives to make science accessible to all.


Spark Science Crew

Suzanne Blais

Suzanne Blais – Co-creator, Director, Producer & Master Editor – Suzanne has worked at WWU for almost a decade and is the Manager of Digital Media Production and Development. She has over 30 years of media and teaching experience.

Five student crew members smile for the camera

Nathan Chapman (He/His/Him) – Student Lead Blogger
Nathan is a senior physics and math major at WWU with a minor in astronomy. He is currently assisting in research with Dr. Brandon Peden in theoretical Bose-Einstein condensates. After finishing the math and physics programs at WWU, Nate plans on pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics, then after that, a doctorate in physics, specializing in general relativity. At the end of it all, he wants to become a professor and help the world learn science.

Sarah Francis (she/her/hers) – Graduate Student Blogger – Sarah is a graduate student in the geology department at Western Washington University, and she is studying a tiny glacier in the North Cascades for her master’s research. Sarah hails from central Iowa, and has spent the past four years exploring the mountains and making the Pacific Northwest her home. Sarah dreams of a career in field science and science communication.

Andra Nordin (she/her/hers) – Audio Engineer & Social Media Assistant – Andra is a senior studying geology at Western Washington University with minors in energy policy & energy science. She works on-campus at Western as a Student Ambassador and serves as Co-President of Society of Economic Geologists. Andra hopes to attend graduate school in geology and work in the alternative energy industry following school. She loves hiking, Star Wars, tabletop games, and music!

Julia Thorpe  – Audio Engineer

Zerach Coakley- Audio Engineer


Five students on a stairwell smile at the camera

Past Crew Members

Natalie Moore (She/Her/Hers) – Chief Audio Engineer & Assistant Producer (Season 3&4)

Jonathan Flynn (He/His/Him) – Student Reporter and Blogger (Season 4) 

Tori Highley (she/her/hers) – Production Assistant  & Audio Engineer (Season 3&4) 

Lia Cook – Web design and Social Media (Season 2&3)

Nathan Miller – Audio Engineer (Season 2)

Erik Faburrietta – Chief Audio Engineer (Season 1 & 2)

Regina Barber DeGraaff and co-host Jordan Baker pictured in the studio talking to guests.

(Season 1-3) Co-host: Jordan Baker *He will return for one-off episodes in the future

Jordan grew up in Lynden but calls Bellingham home now. He started taking improv classes at the Upfront Theatre in January 2013 because his wife made him (he loves it now). With no high school diploma or self-esteem, he found himself in the service industry cutting up dead animals for a living for a decade but is now in the home inspection business. Jordan is Main Stage alumni at the Upfront in Bellingham, WA.