College of Science & Engineering

Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education


The most common barriers to STEM education reform in higher education have been identified in the National Research Council report, Reaching Students Chapter 6, “Overcoming Challenges.”  Project leaders developed resources to complement the information in Reaching Students and ensure faculty members and chairs were continually thinking about how to sustain the changes implemented through Change at the Core after the funded period ended.

FileAddressing Barriers Reading and Discussion.docx provides a structure for reading and discussing the barriers that are most pertinent to faculty members departments and coming up with possible action steps.

FileInitial Reflection and Goal Setting.docx is a planned reflection after instructors have had 2-3 days of professional development and a couple months to try strategies in their own classrooms.

FileBeyond C-Core Individual Reflection.docx is an individual reflection (intended to proceed a departmental discussion) about current individual state of instructional practice and potential next steps for departments in order to continue improving teaching and learning.