Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education

  • Student in SCED 201 course
    Hands On Learning. Photo by Penelope Kipps.
  • DNA Modeling
    Exploring the structure of DNA. Photo by Maggie Long.
  • Chemical Reactions
    Learning about Chemical Reactions
  • Teaching Others
    Learning How to Teach Others. Photo by Penelope Kipps.
  • Bird Beak Buffet
    Actively Learning about Evolution
  • Using a Cart
    Learning Physics by Doing. Photo by Penelope Kipps.
  • Geology Field Trip
    SCED 202 Field Trip
  • Using the microscope
    Investigating Microorganisms.. Photo by Maggie Long.
  • Cart sensors
    Engage Fully with the Learning Process. Photo by Penelope Kipps.


Lori Torres in SMATE can help or provide information on any of the following:

Lori Torres






  • Program information for prospective students/majors.
  • Arrange visit to the department.
  • Transfer student advising (including transfer course evaluation).
  • Course registration information.
  • Course override requests for SCED 201, 370, 480, 490
  • Major declaration process.
  • Senior graduation evaluation for General Science major - fill out the form and email it to Lori Torres ( - PDF icon major_eval.pdf


To see a listing of Science Education courses at Western, please refer to Western's General Catalog.

Additional Resources

  • Free 1 - 2 hour laptop check-out
  • Graphing calculator quarterly rental
  • Printing facilities
  • Space for group work
  • Science and math education literature
  • Access to stockroom supplies and equipment for students in SCED courses