College of Science & Engineering

Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education

Past STEM Education Symposia:

2019 - Presentations:

Beronda Montgomery, Keynote speaker, Higher Education Focus, "Re-envisioning Mentoring as Learning: Promoting Growth, Reciprocity and Success"

Jonte’ C. Taylor, Keynote Speaker, K-12 focus, "Teacher Innovation and Leadership Experiences (TILE): Notes from a Rogue Teacher"

Beronda Montgomery, workshop, "Charting a Path Towards Personal Success: Mentoring Roadmaps and Network"

Jonte’ C. Taylor, workshop, "How to Make Science for Most, Science for All: Supporting Science Instruction with Evidence-Based Practices"

Regina Barber-DeGraaff, workshop, "Identity, Culture, Assumptions, and Norms"

2018 - Presentations:

Susan Elrod, Keynote speaker, "Keep Calm and Paddle On: A model for fostering Systematic Institutional change for student success"

Susan Elrod, workshop, "Navigating the River of Change:  Finding your true north for STEM teaching and learning"

Jessica Cohn & Deborah Donovan, workshop, "What every educator should know about Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core State Standards in Mathematics"

Emily Borda & Daniel Hanley, workshop, "Creating and Using new End of Course Assessments to Support Active Learning in the Classrooms" File Powerpoint presentation

2017 - Presentations:

Matteo Tamburini, Zach Bunton & Cassandra Cook from NWIC (math)

2016 - Presentations:

Kimberly Tanner, Keynote speaker, “Assessing How Individuals Organize Disciplinary Knowledge—Card Sorting, Superheroes, and Moving Towards Measuring Expertise Among Undergraduates”

Dan Grunspan, “Old Boy’s Club Starts Early: Males Under-Estimate Academic Performance of Their Female Peers in Undergraduate Biology Classrooms

Andrew Boudreaux, "Promoting Student Metacognition in Introductory Physics"

Georgianne Connell, Deb Donovan, & Dan Grunspan,“Strategies to Create Effective Groups to Support Learning”

Kaatje Kraft,  “How Student Interest and Motivation Influence Persistence in Introductory Geology Classes” 

2015 - Presentations:

Rachel Beattie, Keynote speaker, "How Your Mindset Can Affect Your Success"

Rachel Beattie, "Growing Your Students Mindsets"   

Hanna Jordt, "Eliminating the Achievement Gap"    

Mary Pat Wenderoth, "The End of Lecture

Student Panel, "Student Perspectives on Traditional vs Student Centered Learning"

2014 - Presentations:

Edward Prather, Keynote speaker,  "Redefining the College Lecture: Facilitating Discussions in STEM Undergraduate Courses"

Edward Prather, "Facilitating Active Learning - From Fast Paced Formative Feedback to Group Problem Solving"

Catherine Halverson, "Active Learning Pedagogies Increase Student Learning in a Large enrollment Biology Class"

Georgianne Connell & Deborah Donovan, "How Do We Know Students Are Learning What We Think We Are Teaching?"

'Student Panel, 2015 Symposium  Symposium speaker, 2015 Symposium