Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education

Marc Muniz is one of two PIs on a recently awarded NSF grant (the other is Sally Hunnicutt from Virginia Commonwealth University).  The grant is entitled “POGIL-PCL: Student learning in the laboratory through sustained faculty development.”  POGIL-PCL stands for “Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning – Physical Chemistry Laboratory.”

Marc will assess student learning outcomes in inquiry-oriented physical chemistry laboratories across multiple institutions.  He is investigating three research questions:

  1. How do students perceive their own learning along cognitive and affective dimensions during the implementation of POGIL-PCL experiments?
  2. How does the nature of the facilitation affect the learning environment at institutions in which POGIL-PCL materials have been adopted?
  3. What is the nature of students’ understanding of, and reflection on, select physical chemistry phenomena behind POGIL-PCL experiments?