Oscar Edwin Olson Scholarships

Oscar Edwin Olson Scholarship

This endowment is created and shall be operated exclusively to fund scholarships for students in the College of Sciences and Engineering.

Scholarships will be awarded to students in the sciences departments of the College of Sciences and Technology. The students must be children of single, divorced or widowed parents. Eligible students include: those who at any time in their first eighteen years lived with one unmarried parent; those who at any time in their first eighteen years had divorced parents; those who at any time in their first eighteen years had one or more deceased parents. The students must be needy. For this purpose a needy student is a student who is eligible for at least one dollar of financial aid.


  • 6 @ $6,000 (2018-19)


  • For an undergraduate student majoring in a CSE program
  • Based on overall academic merit and must be children of single, divorced or widowed parents (adoptive or biological)
    • Eligible students are those who at any time in their first 18 years either:
      • Lived with one unmarried parent
      • Had divorced parents
      • Had one or more deceased parents
  • Must demonstrate financial need through a FAFSA or WAFSA document
  • Students awarded the Olson Scholarship the previous academic year can receive it for a second year, but no more than 2 years


Application guidelines will be updated soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Questions about scholarships? Contact Heather Greenlaw at (360) 650-6400 or by email at shorth@wwu.edu

Past Recipients: 

Emily Bjornsgard, 2019-20

Olivia Frances Finlay, 2019-20

Autumn Harding, 2019-20

Aundrea Koger, 2019-20

Stephen Novak, 2019-20

Matthew Scoggins, 2019-20

Samuel Shuman, 2019-20

Christian Careaga, 2018-19

Erica Largent, 2018-19

Erik Powell, 2018-19

Matthew Scoggins, 2018-19

Marley Smith, 2018-19

Cody Baxter, 2009-10

Ryan Canton, 2009-10

Brandon Crostick, 2009-10

Jennifer Czapinski, 2009-10

Brittney Finkbonner, 2009-10

Julie Gross, 2009-10

Laura Harmon, 2009-10

Gregory Horning, 2009-10

Nicholas Isley, 2009-10

Cameron Moore, 2009-10

Garret Smith, 2009-10

Luis Villanueva, 2009-10

Loagan Yarbrough, 2009-10

Ryan Canton, 2008-09

Jennifer Czapinski, 2008-09

Brittany Finkbonner, 2008-09

Laura A. Harmon, 2008-09

Megan Saunders, 2008-09

Hayley Wall, 2008-09

Imtiaz Arshi, 2007-08

Ryan Canton, 2007-08

Rebecca Christopfel, 2007-08

Jennifer Czapinski, 2007-08

Brittany Finkbonner, 2007-08

April Fogel, 2007-08

Laura A. Harmon, 2007-08

Tiffany Hedal-Bell, 2007-08

Bonifacio Sanchez, 2007-08

Megan Saunders, 2007-08

Niki Thane, 2007-08

Luis Villanueva, 2007-08

Hayley Wall, 2007-08

Imtiaz Arshi, 2006-07

Ryan Canton, 2006-07

Rebecca Christopfel, 2006-07

Jennifer Czapinski, 2006-07

Nicolas J. Facelo, 2006-07

Brittney Finkbonner, 2006-07

Laura A. Harmon, 2006-07

Leah Knapton, 2006-07

Justin Norris, 2006-07

Jessie Patterson, 2006-07

Aomori F. Pearson, 2006-07

Megan Saunders, 2006-07

Brady C. Stoddard, 2006-07

Niki Thane, 2006-07

Hayley Wall, 2006-07

Kathleen Barger, 2005-06

Alice Crowley, 2005-06

Michelle Harris, 2005-06

Leah Knapton, 2005-06

Lisa Linville, 2005-06

Danielle McDermott, 2005-06

Justin Norris, 2005-06

Jennifer Sherin, 2005-06

Tom Sicilia, 2005-06

Jia Jia Chang, 2004-05