Math Center

The purpose of the Mathematics Center is to encourage mathematical thinking.  The Center provides tutoring in mathematical subjects including calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and differential equations.  The Center is staffed by the Math Fellows, an exceptional group of undergraduate students chosen by the department because of their performance in mathematics and their desire to help others succeed.  The Math Fellows are trained to teach good problem-solving techniques and guide the learner through the process of building mathematical understanding.

All students are encouraged to stop by the Mathematics Center during its hours of operation to study, to work on mathematics problems, and to obtain tutoring.  Tutors circulate to answer questions as they arise.  All services are free to Western's students.

The Math Center is located in Bond Hall 211A.  There are 10 computers available for math related work.  All of these computers have math applications on them, and tutors can help you with questions you have related to these applications.

Bond Hall 234 is also available as a room for study or work on group projects.  If questions arise while studying there, the tutors in BH 211A can assist you. 

Students looking for tutorial assistance in algebra and pre-calculus courses should visit the Tutoring Center in Wilson Library 280.

The hours of operation for the Math Center are:


7 pm - 10 pm


8 am - 4 pm and 7 pm - 10 pm


8 am - 4 pm and 7 pm - 10 pm


8 am - 4 pm and 7 pm - 10 pm


8 am - 10 pm


8 am - 3 pm


If you have comments, requests, or questions, please contact Kim Ragsdale, Bond Hall 210. 
Phone: (360) 650-3813
Surface mail: 
    WWU Mathematics
    516 High St., MS 9063
    Bellingham, WA 98225