College of Science & Engineering

Evaluating a Math Major

Procedures for Evaluating a Major

1. About two quarters before you expect to graduate, you must have your major evaluated: you need to get your faculty advisor to sign a completed major / senior evaluation form. Make an appointment to meet your faculty advisor or go to her or his office hours to get this done.

2. If you are doing a joint or combined major, you may also need a signature from an advisor in the other academic unit involved. This will certainly be the case if you had an advisor in each of the two departments involved at the time of your major declaration (such as in Math-Economics), but not if your only advisor is in Mathematics (such as in the Math-Computer Science major).

3. Prior to meeting with your faculty advisor, obtain and complete the major / senior evaluation form, available from the staff in BH 202. For joint or combined majors with two faculty advisors, you might substitute an equivalent form obtained from the other academic department; you may even need a form from each department involved (as in Elementary Math Education).

4. The following materials will help you fill out the major / senior evaluation form correctly:

Either: Print out your degree completion status report from web4u, and highlight those portions relevant to completion of the major; or:

  • Get a copy of the list of relevant major course requirements from the staff in BH 202.
  • Print a copy of your student record.
  • On your student record, highlight the courses used to meet the requirements for the major.
  • If you have any relevant transfer courses, print a copy of your transfer equivalency report and highlight on it the courses used to meet the requirements for the major.


5. Bring the materials listed above to your meeting with your faculty advisor. It is also helpful to bring a copy of the Plan of Study you submitted when you declared the major, and a transcript reflecting any relevant transfer courses you have completed. Your meeting with your faculty advisor will probably take less than 5 minutes if your materials are properly organized.

6. Take your signed major evaluation form to the Registrar. Keep a copy for your records.

7. To make a course substitution between the time that you submitted the form and graduation, get a course substitution form from the Registrar. You need to get the substitution approved and this form signed by your faculty advisor. Bring a copy of your senior evaluation form and all the materials you brought to the initial major evaluation to the meeting with your advisor.