Marion Van Nostrand Scholarship for First Generation Students

The Marion Van Nostrand Scholarship is for first generation students, who are majoring in a STEM* field, have demonstrated financial need via the FAFSA or WAFSA, are in good academic standing, making progress towards a degree, have a minimum GPA of 2.0, and have demonstrated success in serving the needs of others (examples include but are not limited to: mentoring/tutoring students of all ages, outreach through student/Western/community organizations, workshops to help students prepare for collegiate level academic studies, contributions to non-profit organizations, and leadership of student organizations and clubs.)

The scholarship pays the full cost of in-state tuition and student fees. Each recipient also receives $1000 per year towards textbooks, and supplies. Recipients will be supported to graduation if they remain in good academic standing and are making progress towards their degree.

*Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering (ABET accredited programs only), Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics/Astronomy, and CSE Science Education. Interdisciplinary programs such as Marine Science and Energy Science and Technology are also accepted.


MVN for First Generation Students Scholarship Application

Email this form and documents listed above to Heather Greenlaw at

If you are a first generation college student majoring in STEM, Have a demonstrated financial need, per the FAFSA or WAFSA, Demonstrated success in serving the need of others, then The Marion Van Nostrand Scholarship may help make your academic goals a reality. The Marion Van Nostrand supports undergraduate, first-generation students by providing the full cost of in-state tuition with an additional $1,000 per year for textbooks, supplies, and other expenses.