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College of Science & Engineering

Janelle Leger

Janelle Leger

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Phone: (360) 650 4830
Office: CF 381


BS, University of California at Davis (1999)
PhD, University of California at Santa Cruz (2005)


Research Interests

Research in my group focuses on organic and hybrid materials for electronic and optoelectronic devices including, for example, light-emitting diodes, solar cells, memory cells, and transistors. I aim to develop an understanding of how the performance of organic and hybrid devices depends on the underlying electronic, electrochemical, and optoelectronic properties of such materials. I am particularly interested in the use of ionic carriers and electrochemical doping in conjugated organic materials to explore a range of novel device structures. Research in my lab is highly interdisciplinary and incorporates concepts and experimental techniques from synthetic chemistry to solid-state physics and electrical engineering. My long-range research goal is to bring fundamental understanding to the physical processes that determine the optical and electrical properties of hybrid systems in order to enable new classes of solution-processed semiconductor applications.