Dr. Tim Kowalczyk

Research Group

Visiting Scholars

Narissa Kanlayakan RGJ Scholar Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Preeyaporn Poldorn RGJ Scholar Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand

M.S. Students

Reuben Szabo B.S. Physics and Chemistry (WWU)
Gunnar Carlson B.S. Chemistry (WWU)
Megan Deshaye B.S. Biochemistry (WWU)

We have openings for graduate researchers to pursue an M.S. thesis degree in computational chemistry! Please contact Dr. Kowalczyk for details.

B.S. / B.A. Students

Alex Wrede Spring 2019
Andrew Mehs Spring 2019
Kelly Yokuda Winter 2018
Anna Lamping Summer 2017

Group Photo Archive

Research Group Alumni

Chanatkran Prommin RGJ Visiting Scholar, Chiang Mai University Spring 2019
Vanessa Nguyen B.S. Chemistry Fall 2017
Matthew Paige B.S. Applied Mathematics Fall 2017
Justin Doyle B.S. Chemistry Fall 2017
Emily McCracken B.S. Chemistry Fall 2017
Khoa Le B.S. Chemistry, Math & Biology minors Spring 2017
Keenan Komoto M.S. Chemistry Spring 2017
Zoe Pollard B.S. Mathematics, Materials Science minor Winter 2017
Alessandro Banducci B.S. Physics and Mathematics Winter 2017
Alyssa Goodey B.S. Biochemistry, Energy Science minor Fall 2016
Hillary Pan B.S. Physics (Oberlin College) Summer 2016 (REU)
Natalya Garcia B.S. Chemistry, Materials Science minor Summer 2016
Viktor Laszlo B.S. Chemistry, Materials Science minor Fall 2015
Daniel Dupont B.S. Physics (University of Utah) Spring 2015

Prospective Students

Our group reflects the interdisciplinary nature of materials science research: current and recently graduated members include chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science majors, as well as materials and energy science minors. A team-oriented attitude and an interest in tackling materials science challenges through modeling and simulation are the most important prerequisites for our research; prior coursework in quantum mechanics, linear algebra, organic chemistry, and computer programming are all a plus. WWU undergraduates and prospective masters students with an interest our work are welcome to contact Dr. Kowalczyk (email, or drop by CB 241) to discuss current opportunities.