Kaiser-Borsari Women in Materials Science Scholarship

Through AMSEC, the College of Science and Engineering awards the Kaiser-Borsari Scholarship for Women in Materials Science. A $5000 scholarship is awarded to a female undergraduate student majoring in a science or engineering discipline and conducting research in materials science under the direction of an AMSEC faculty member.


  • No award


  • Undergraduate student
  • Women in AMSEC
  • Applications handled by AMSEC scholarship committee


Application guidelines will be updated soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Questions about scholarships? Contact Heather Greenlaw at (360) 650-6400 or by email at shorth@wwu.edu

Past Recipients

2019-2020 No award available
2018-2019 Recipient MacKenzie Jewell, Physics Major

2017-2018 Recipient

Amy Morren, Chemistry Major

2016-2017 Recipient

Zoe Pollard, Math Major

2015-2016 Recipient

Carly Klemke, Physics Major

2014-2015 Recipient

Diane Perez, Chemistry and Spanish Major

2013-2014 Recipient

Andrea d'Aquino, Chemistry Major

2012-2013 Recipient

Kelsey Scharnhorst, Chemistry Major

2011-2012 Recipient

April Fogel, Plastics Engineering Technology Major

2010-2011 Recipient

Isabella Romero, Chemistry Major

2009-2010 Recipient

Hannah Halliday, Chemistry Major

2008-2009 Recipient

Karla Slenkamp, Chemistry Major

2007-2008 Recipient

Erin Gleason, Chemistry Major