Kaiser-Borsari Women in Materials Science Scholarship

Kaiser-Borsari Women in Materials Science Scholarship

This scholarship is created to provide financial support for women in materials science (physics or physical chemistry). Materials science is an increasingly important core area, an area involving basic work integral to the future of many areas of technology in this country. Scholarship recipients are usually selected by a department or university committee.


  • No award (2018-19)


  • Undergraduate student
  • Women in AMSEC
  • Applications handled by AMSEC scholarship committee


Application guidelines will be updated soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Questions about scholarships? Contact Mikayla King at (360)650-6400 or by email at kingm24@wwu.edu

Past Recipients: 

Mackenzie Jewell, 2018-19

Hannah Halliday, 2009-10

Karla Slenkamp, 2008-09

Erin Gleason, 2007-08

Laura K. Hutchinson. 2006-07