Joyce B. Lavender Fund

Joyce B. Lavender Merriman felt lucky in the life she lived and believed in giving back, in trying to make a difference in any small way she could. She cared about people and that caring was demonstrated in her daily life with meals for the sick, birthday cards, a kind word or a ride to the doctor. She made friends wherever she went because she listened to people and she didn't hesitate to reach out. She loved children and chose to be a stay-at-home mom, which gave her the time to nurture family and friends. She valued her training as a nurse and taught her children and grandchildren the importance of education and contributing to make the world a
better place. She volunteered throughout her life, assisting in well-child clinics, serving in parent teacher organizations, selling her handmade quilts and knitted goods to raise money for victims of domestic abuse. Her mother taught her, and she taught her children, that every day we should all do something to "justify our existence", to make a difference. That legacy of love lives on in everyone she touched.


1 @ $2,000


  • For a deserving female student in the College of Science and Engineering
  • Preference to applicants to demonstrate financial need and outstanding academic merit

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