Transfer Students - Advising

Welcome to Western and thank you for your interest in the Geology Department!

The information below provides you with some helpful information and tips for success as you prepare to transfer to Western and pursue a major in geology.

Contact the Geology Department

It is highly recommended that transfer students seek advisement before their first quarter or as soon as you are admitted to Western. This advising session will help determine what prerequisite classes are necessary to register for in order to declare a  geology major. We recommend that you contact the Department and speak to our Program Coordinator for Advising to review transfer equivalencies to determine your Phase I or Phase II status, and declare your major. Taking these steps BEFORE your registration period will help insure that you have access to the courses you need for your major.

It is recommended that transfer students interested in the Geology or Geophysics major complete one year of math - Calculus & Analytic Geometry I, II and a math elective (by WWU equivalents, AP scores, Math Placement or ALEK scores), one year of Chemistry. Other courses you may want to consider while attending community college or other university institutions are Geology 211 Physical Geology and 212 Historical Geology that transfer as an equivalent and Physics with Calculus I, II, & III. Fulfilling these courses prior to entering Western, may considerably shorten the number of quarters necessary to complete the major.

Determine Transfer Equivalencies

As you prepare to transfer, it is important to understand the transfer equivalencies between your current institution and Western. If you are transferring from a Washington State community college or university, we recommend that you review the Transfer Equivalency Guide (TEG). If you have questions or concerns about transfer equivalency, you should contact the Geology Department directly. 

If you are transferring from out of WA State, or your transfer school is not listed on the TEG, you must contact the Geology Department to determine any equivalencies on a case by case basis. If further review is needed, we will request a syllabi from the course(s) in question. The syllabi will be submitted and reviewed by a faculty member to determine if it meets their course requirements for that particular course(s). Once a faculty member has made the determination the Program Coordinator for Advising will complete a Transfer Equivalency Form on your behalf and send the form to the Registrars Office. The Registrar's Office will make the appropriate change to the transferring course(s) on the transferring students transcript.