College of Science & Engineering

Graduate Plan of Study Information

Plan of Study

  • Should be submitted to the Graduate School by the end of your first quarter
  • Must be signed by your advisor, and turned in to Kate Blizzard
  • Link to form 

Advancement to Candidacy

  • Requires a written proposal and an oral presentation.
  • After your written proposal has been approved by your committee, launch the Thesis Topic Approval form and send to your committee chairperson. This will allow you to register for thesis credits.  

Thesis Defense

  • First you must file the Application for Master's Degree form. This happens the quarter before you plan to graduate.
  • Thesis defenses should be scheduled with Kate Blizzard, and the Masters Oral Defense Schedule form will be filled out at that time.
    • This happens after your committee has approved the thesis as being ready to defend.
    • Note that the thesis must be tabled after your committee has approved it and two weeks prior to your defense date.
    • After the defense  you need to launch the Degree Recommendation Thesis Option form to your committee chairperson.
  • Once your thesis is defended, approved, signed, turned in on Cedar and to the Graduate School, and hardbound copies have been ordered, you are done.
    • An example of the format for the signature pages is in the Grad Program Handbook.