Geology Clubs and Associations

Geology Clubs and Associations

Why become involved? The primary purpose of the Chapter Clubs  is to promote geological inquiry outside the formal classroom.  The Chapter Clubs promote awareness of geology by means of field trips, career luncheons/dinners, attendance at professional geology meetings, and informal presentations by club members. Participation in the Chapter Clubs is a great way to network with individuals in the industry and to increase intellectual interchange and social interaction between students and faculty on an informal basis.

Women in Geology

Women in Geology (WIG) is a club aimed at empowering and supporting women in the Geology program through a variety of programing and activities. WIG has participated in educational outreach events such as Scouting for Science and WWU Extended Education’s GEMS.  Next year, we look forward to embarking on field trips, leading workshops, engaging in networking opportunities, continuing educational & community outreach, and organizing other fun events for our peers.  This club is open to all genders! For more information please contact the officers below.
2018-19 Officers:
President: Molly Strain
Vice President: Katie Stelling
Secretary: Xander Reitz
Faculty Advisor: Robyn Dahl or 650-7207

Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG):

Eligibility: Any geology student may join, but focus in Environmental and Engineering Geology is preferred and more beneficial.

The AEG is a national organization of professionals and academics that advocate for the public welfare by providing leadership, education, and the publication of applied research in environmental and engineering geology. The AEG also provides scholarships to students as well as connections by access to publications and meetings, learning opportunities about real world geology, and networking opportunities to enhance professional development. (geared more toward environmental and engineering geology and includes applied geology like groundwater, engineering geology, hazards etc). Website: For more information please contact the officers below.

2018-19 Officers:

Co President: Sean Maloney
Co President: Nolan Walker
Secretary: Anna Foster
Faculty Advisor: Robert Mitchell or 360-650-3591

Society of Economic Geologists (SEG):

This student chapter seeks to bring together like-minded individuals interested in better understanding our resource-rich environment and the minerals it contains.

The SEG encourages advancing the study of mineral deposits and applying geological science to exploration, evaluation, and production, and secondly by disseminating scientific information through publications, courses, meetings and field trips. Student Chapters are the key to linking students with other students and with professional geoscientists in industry, academia, and government. (geared more toward hard rock and mining)

This Student Chapter also offers field trips, research grants, and scholarships. The Society's membership includes representatives from industry, academia, and government institutions. Annual meetings, publications, field conferences, and short courses ensure an active communication of economic geology-related concepts within the membership and with the economic geology profession at large. An individual may apply for membership as Fellow, Member or Student Member.

2018-19 Officers

President: Xander Reitz
Vice President: Nolan Walker
Treasurer: Katelyn Frizzell
Faculty Advisor: Sean Mulcahy sean.mulcahy or 650-3645

The Geological Society of America (GSA): (NOT A WWU CLUB)

Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate student enrolled and majoring in geology or a related science.

The Geological Society of America provides access to elements that are essential to the professional growth of earth scientists at all levels of expertise and from all sectors: academic, government, business, and industry.

The GSA provides scholarships, research grants, and fellowships, as well as employment opportunities. A membership fee is required, but as a benefit you will receive access to online journals for free, discounts on additional journals, books, and Special Papers. As a member, you will have opportunities to publish or present your work and the opportunity to interact with the Geoscience community.