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Geology field trip funding provides critical experiential learning (Sample)

Established in 2008 in honor of former WWU Geology professor Ross Ellis, the Ross Ellis Geology Field Trip Endowment funds student research trips and field-mapping courses for scores of Geology undergraduates. It is a vital resource for WWU’s growing undergraduate Geology program.

“Enrollment is going through the roof because of the need for more scientists,” explains Bernard Housen, geology professor and chair of the department. “This increase in enrollment and interest in a traditional, field-based geology degree, has meant high numbers in our field-mapping courses, both of which are required for the major. At a time when other geoscience programs are cutting back on field-mapping, reducing students’ time in the field, eliminating such courses or farming out their instruction to other programs, our faculty appreciate being able to continue offering this critical aspect of education. These are the capstone professional experience courses of the department.”

The fund, made possible by generous gifts from Kathy (‘70) & Robert Digges, Dwight (‘72) & Diane (‘71) Walters and Joseph Vance – as well as dozens of alumni and friends – stands at nearly $300,000.

With each trip, students hit a range of locations, observing, identifying and describing geological features. In the spring, students explored various sites, including Pt. Reyes, the Marin Headlands, and Joshua Tree. This summer’s destinations were focused primarily in Montana.

“A decade ago we had between 10 to 20 students in these classes,” says Housen. “Now we get up to 30 students every time. This fund ensures that we maintain teaching, research and training quality in the face of declining state funding and increasing student enrollment.” Ensuring, in other words, that Western continues its commitment to provide our students with the experiential education that they deserve.

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The following are the scholarships available for people to donate to...we are looking for a link to the specific scholarship to donate.

The David A. Rahm Scholarship

This award is given annually to a Geology major who has demonstrated interest, accomplishment, and understanding of the principles of geomorphology. 

The Department of Geology Kurt Schmierer Memorial Scholarship

The Department of Geology generally offers the Kurt Schmierer Memorial Scholarship.  Funds are available through donations from family and friends of the late Kurt Schmierer.  Kurt received his B.S. and M.S. from Western and was a dedicated geologist and outdoor enthusiast.  Kurt's family and friends felt he would be most pleased to be able to assist fellow geology students to pursue their educational goals.

The Department of Geology Undergraduate Tuition/Fee Waiver

A merit award to support undergraduates.

The James L. Talbot Scholarship

This award is given annually to a student who is declared major in any of the specialties of the geological sciences who can demonstrate both academic excellence and financial need.

The Antoni "Jontek" Wodzicki Scholarship

This award is given annually to a student who is majoring in any of the specialties of the geological sciences, with preference given to students studying in fields related to economic geology, mineralogy, and/or who are attending summer or spring field camp. Also, special consideration will be given to students from developing country.

Geology Department Advance for Research

The Department of Geology will generally draws on its donation fund held by the Western Foundation to grant small advances for research expenses to undergraduate and graduate students in the department.

The Myrl E. Beck, Jr. Scholarship

This award will be in the form of an advance for support of research leading to an Honors Thesis.

Steven and Edith Grega Memorial Fellowship

The Graduate Fellowship will support a graduate student who has a special interest in engineering geology.

Peter Misch Metamorphic Memorial Fellowship

The graduate fellowship will be awarded to a graduate student who has a special interest in metamorphic petrology.


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