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Current Programs in Our College


seeing white and scene on radio Podcast Club. Meet every 2 weeks, Join Winter Quarter. "Seeing white" 14 part series

2019-202 Seminar & Workshop series on Biology and Race, Sex, and Gender. Sponsored by Biology, Social Justice & Equity Committee, Spratlen Fund, and other partnering Departments and Centers. Talks/Workshops on: accurate and inclusive Biology curricula on sex and gender, and representation of diverse scientists, student perceptions of sex and gender from Biology courses, what race is and isn't, race in medicine, equitable and inclusive pedagogy in Biology courses. Organized by Suzanne Lee, Dan Pollard and Lina Dahlberg (biology). Race, Sex and Gender in the Biology Curriculum Learning Community Big Picture Goal: Lower the barriers for adopting curricula and pedagogy

WICOH - Western's Interdisciplinary Community Office Hours. Who are you? Anyone willing to host an office hour with the intent of building an interdisciplinary community.   What do you do?   Find a colleague in another college (i.e. Interdisciplinarity!) Introduce yourselves to each other’s students by sharing something that might resonate with students Set aside office hours to talk to students about life  – this is your Interdisciplinary Community Office Hour.  Why would you do it – Student perspective? Even if a student loves your course content, that student may not share a common identity with you. WICOH gives your students another way to find a mentor that clicks.   Why would you do it – Non-student perspective? You’ll get to break out of your silo to enhance your network across campus in a student-centered way that builds community.   Why should it be interdisciplinary? Students enjoy getting to know faculty as humans. It’s easier to do this when you’re not also evaluating student performance.   Does it work? Students stated on their course evaluations that they greatly appreciated the option, even if they didn’t stop by for the office hour. Contact (Biology) and/or (English)