Resources for Students:

The Engineering & Design Department office is located in ET204. 

The Department Pre-Major Advisor is available to provide the following:

  • Advising
  • Transfer student advising and transfer course evaluation
  • Program information for prospective students and/or majors
  • Course registration questions
  • Pre-major declaration process
  • Arrange department visits and tours
Click here to schedule an advising appointment with the pre-major advisor.


Academic Policies:  Academic Standards

Students are expected to follow all prerequisite requirements for courses and seek early departmental advising. A grade of C- or higher is required to pass all Engineering and Design program requirements and all prerequisites for those courses. Students are required to drop any major class if they receive a K grade or a D+ or lower grade in the prerequisite class, even if they had been allowed to register.

Waitlist Policy

WWU Automatic Waitlist system: All Engineering & Design courses (except for Independent Study courses) will be part of Western's automatic Waitlist system.

Waitlist Management: The Engineering & Design Department reserves the right to reorder the position of students on any class waitlist based on class standing, graduation date, major or concentration coursework, course conflicts, or prerequisites. If a student obtains Instructor's Approval (override), they will be allowed to enroll in the course if space is available or register for the waitlist if the course is filled. Instructor approval does not override the wait list.

First Day of Classes: If a student is on a wait list, he/she should attend the first day of class unless notified by the instructor not to attend. Any student who fails to attend the first meeting of a course may be required to drop it if another student, previously unable to register for the course due to enrollment limitations, seeks admission according to University policy (complete text available at Class Attendance policy).

See Western's Wait List Instructions and Policies. If you have questions about the wait list instructions or University policy, contact the Registrar's Office at (360) 650-3432.

Program Requirement Exceptions

Students may request a program requirement exception (any grade lower than a C- in a required program course is always considered a program exception). Students may also submit an Exception Request for the waiver of a prerequisite course if they have completed alternate coursework that they believe should fulfill the prerequisite. To make a request, a student must submit an  Exception Request Form for consideration by the Engineering & Design Curriculum Committee. Students should submit the fully completed form to their advisor.

In the Exception Request, a student must clearly and thoroughly state their request and provide a detailed explanation why the exception is being requested and why it is appropriate. The form is then submitted to their department faculty advisor who must add their comments and recommendation before forwarding the form to the committee. Students should expect that the Curriculum Committee will need ample time to consider the request; deadlines are listed on the form.