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Industry Sponsored Research Projects 

Engineering & Design students design and implement a project of their choosing as part of their cumulative project. Students present their projects to their peers, faculty, and project sponsors at the end of spring quarter. Projects are often in collaboration with companies in industry. A successful Engineering program combines what is learned in the classroom and experienced in the lab with real-world manufacturing and design problems. It is crucial that we offer challenging and suitable projects to our students to give them more experience in project management, technical writing, synthesizing many different concepts from their education, working on a team and individually, and communication with suppliers and customers. These industry sponsored projects contribute to the hands-on engineering education offered at Western.  

Over the course of their senior year, students spend the first two quarters in the proposal phase of the project, with the implementation phase beginning in Spring quarter. Industry partners are just as invested as the student when it comes to seeing the project to success. Each student has an industrial sponsor to whom they communicate with to ensure they meet the 'customer's needs'. Industrial sponsors are invited to the oral presentations during the second quarter of the students' projects where they here a summary of the entire project, focusing more on the results and analysis of the implementation phase. They are then encouraged to provide feedback to the student and faculty advisor to ensure success with the implementation phase. 

Examples of Industry Sponsored Research Projects: