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Manufacturing Engineering Industry Sponsored Projects

During their senior year, Manufacturing Engineering students design and implement a project of their choosing. Students present their projects to their peers, faculty, and project sponsors at the end of spring quarter. Projects are often in collaboration with companies in industry. A successful Engineering program combines what is learned in the classroom and experienced in the lab with real-world manufacturing and design problems.

It is essential to sponsor projects that focus on one or more of the four pillars of manufacturing engineering body of knowledge defined by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).  These pillars are materials and manufacturing processes, product tooling and assembly engineering, manufacturing systems and operations, and manufacturing competitiveness. It is crucial that we continue to offer challenging and suitable projects to our seniors in order to provide them with the practical experience in manufacturing engineering in addition to valuable experience in project management, technical writing, synthesizing many different concepts from their education, working on a team and individually, and communicating with suppliers and customers.

Benefits to sponsors:

Opportunity to leverage in house engineering talent to solve a given design problem
Potential for new innovative and creative concepts and ideas to solve real problems unencumbered by company tradition or status quo
Multi-person engineering design team and talent at a minimum cost
Interdisciplinary options with other Engineering & Design students
Opportunity to evaluate design team member(s) as potential future employees and assess their abilities and relative fit for your company

Benefits to students:

Real world application of their academic studies
The opportunity to work in the industries of personal interest
Opportunity to cite specific design accomplishments as part of a portfolio and resume
Professional and technical feedback on their ideas
Firsthand real world exposure to business practices and communications

Benefits to the Engineering & Design Department:

Exposure to industry ensures the Manufacturing program stays relevant to current workforce needs
Project sponsorship ensure labs and curriculum stay current and relevant to industry needs

How do I get involved? 

Complete this form: PDF icon Snr Proj_Sponsor Initial Letter MFGE.pdf


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