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Industrial Technology - Vehicle Design Moratorium

This spring the Engineering & Design faculty determined that it is no longer appropriate to offer an unaccredited Industrial Technology degree and voted to put the Industrial Technology-Vehicle Design (IT-VD) program into moratorium. Moratorium is a status that means that a program will not accept new majors until the moratorium is removed.  A moratorium is an opportunity to make necessary improvements to a program without having an impact on students in the program.  Many programs at Western have been placed in moratorium and then reopened after their issues have been resolved, and it is our current plan and hope that there will be a replacement for the IT-VD program at some time in the future.  The moratorium will take effect beginning fall quarter 2019.  Students who are interested in the IT-VD program should contact Lisa Ochs (, 360-650-4132) if they have questions.

Jeff Newcomer
Professor & Chair

posted 06.21.18 and updated 12.05.18

Moratorium FAQ posted 11/20/18

The Bachelor of Science degree program in Industrial Technology-Vehicle Design prepares graduates to enter supervisory and management levels of technical industries. The major provides a general understanding of tools, materials, and processes used in industry. Jobs obtained by Vehicle Design graduates widely vary based on a student’s abilities and portfolio of work they create while participating in the program. Our graduates have obtained jobs with all of the major car companies and have held positions as stylists at Nissan Design, GM, Volvo, Porsche, Honda, and Toyota; performance development at Honda; Toyota Racing division, Mazda, Ford, Subaru, and Brembo Brakes; and custom car building companies, such as Metal Crafters. Other graduates work in the trucking, marine, aerospace, and composite industries for companies such as PACCAR and SpaceX.