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Engineering & Design Department - Where do I start?

Becoming a major in the Engineering & Design Department requires several steps. 

1.  Apply for Admission to WWU.

All students interested in pursuing a degree in our department must be admitted to Western before they can begin the process of declaring as one of our intended majors.  To learn more, visit the Western Admissions Office.

2. Declare as a Pre-major in one of our majors 

When applying to WWU students can indicate an interest in one of the four department majors; Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Plastics & Composites Engineering, and Industrial Design. After acceptance to WWU, Freshman then may declare a pre-major status during Fall Advising & Orientation or at the beginning of fall quarter.

A pre-major is a student who is working on foundation courses offered by the Engineering & Design Department and other relevant departments.  Foundation courses include math, physics, chemistry, engineering, art, and computer science. 

How do I declare a pre-major status?
Students may declare their pre-major in Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, or Plastics & Composites Engineering in person in ET 204 any time after acceptance to WWU.  Industrial Design requires acceptance of an Entrance Portfolio to become a pre-major.  See ID Admissions for more information.
Benefits of declaring a pre-major status
  1. You will receive pre-major advising to ensure you are on track and taking the right courses for your intended major.  The Engineering & Design Department has a Pre-major Advisor to help you stay on track.
  2. You are eligible to apply for annual department scholarships.

3. Seek Advising

The Department Pre-major Advisor is available to incoming freshman, transfer students, current students, and all pre-majors in the Engineering & Design Department for registration assistance and advice. You may contact the advisor by email, by calling 360.650.4132 or in person in ET 204.  Each individual program has an Advising page in the Majors tab as well.  Some major courses are taught only once per year, so advice before registration is strongly encouraged.

Full majors in the Engineering & Design Department will be assigned a faculty advisor upon admission to the major.

4. Apply for Major Admissions

For all Engineering & Design majors students apply to their intended Major after completing a set of prerequisite coursework as a pre-major. The primary application time and requirements for each program varies; see individual Admissions section under Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Plastics & Composites Engineering, and Industrial Design.

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